Welcome! We provide Integrated Marketing solutions for you, from Marketing Representation, Marketing Events & Promotion Project, and PR & Communications Solution.

Marketing Representation

With Marketing Representation, you can save cost while entering Indonesia market. We have years of expertise you can utilize, with excellent target result.

For marketing channels, we have 800 agents and partners all over Indonesia, while for goods we also have sales networks and permit services.

Contact us to get more expert strategy as your Marketing Representative in Indonesia. 


Marketing Representation

We have more than 20 years of experience in Marketing Representation Services in Indonesia, in various industry such as Tourism, Licenses, Hospitality and Medical.

PR & Communications Services

Have more than 20 years experience in PR & Communications services for clients from Tourism, Hospitality, Education, IT & Manufacturing industry.

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Email: admin@theinmarc.com
Phone & WA: +6282113399957


Indonesia Market and Business Opportunities

Interested in Indonesia market? Overview Indonesia is a nation of 34 provinces and 17,500 islands, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and 15th largest in the world. And as the world’s fourth most populous nation, Indonesia market is one of Asia Pacific’s most vibrant economies with 5.2% growth annually. Business Opportunity in Indonesia As the …